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Touch Without a Fear Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

The COVID pandemic has made the picture clear to the World that to what extent a contaminated surface could be dangerous for our health. A visibly clean surface does not guarantee a contamination-free surface. FOREVER SAFE, an antimicrobial film, is the best innovation to keep you free from contaminated surfaces by eliminating micro - organisms including germs , bacteria, viruses and moulds. This patented product is based on the ZnO microspheres technology that makes the surfaces self-disinfecting for a minimum of 5 years.

FOREVER SAFE Antimicrobial Protection film is for every type of surface, such as tables, desks, handrails, countertops or door handles; therefore, it makes your every touch 99% safe even during the pandemic. It is the best choice for offices, institutions, malls, schools, and more.

What the additional thing that makes the product further a great choice is it is thin and transparent making it almost invisible and 24/7 safe for every one .


Features of Forever Safe Antimicrobial Protection Film


Stops Germs

Quick and Easy

Peel & Stick

How it Works:

The ZnO microspheres have a selected crystal structure ready to catalyze the assembly of free reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS has a robust disinfecting effect on microorganisms. Unlike most other biocides, the FOREVER SAFE disinfection technology is totally safe for humans.