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Some Examples Of Germs And Viruses Neutralized By Forever Safe

Virus 24H Performance
HSV-1 99.37%
H1N1 99.75%
Germs 24H Performance
E. COLI 99.9999%
S. AUREUS 99.98%

A 100% natural and safe technology

  • 100% mineral, natural and biocompatible technology: no danger to the skin: non-cytotoxic (ISO10993-5), non-irritating (ISO10993-10)
  • Technology classified as Food Contact according to EU Regulation 1935/2004.
  • Efficacy was validated for more than 5 years without loss of efficacy.
  • Resistant to the most aggressive disinfectants/detergents
  • Positively included in international pharmacopeias
  • Patented worldwide, from process to application

Scratch Resistant

Anti Fingerprint

Smooth Touch

Paper Like Finish

Anti Glare

Proven “FOREVER SAFE ” Mineral Technology

Forever Safe comprises a medical grade polymeric film that integrates the unique and natural antimicrobial technology into the mass. This is an innovative technology is based on mineral coating microspheres. The mineral microspheres have extraordinary antimicrobial properties; thus, provide microbial decontamination of surfaces by acting as a catalyst thus providing permanent and stable protection against microbial contamination with a really high level of safety, efficiency, and hygiene throughout the lifetime of the merchandise. This technology performs as a protective film and permanently reduces surface contamination in a significant way.

A Manifest Antimicrobial Exertion

Our technology is not hypothetical and conventional; it has been tested in the laboratory on SARS CoV 2 virus and on bacteria as well as in real-world with the wide circulation of people. The microbial inhibition was fast, stable and permanent when tested in the laboratory: SARS CoV 2 growth was inhibited 96% within 1 hour and bacterial growth was inhibited >99.999% within 24 hours. Mineral microspheres generate oxygen reactive species (by catalysis with air humidity) which destroy microorganisms by oxidation. This type of mechanism is found particularly in the defense system of the human body. As a result, the onset of antimicrobial activity is immediate and lasts indefinitely, as the mineral microspheres are never consumed.

Advantages of Using Forever Safe:

The transparent, matte and thin appearance of FOREVER SAFE makes this adhesive antimicrobial film very discreet once applied. In addition, you can choose whether or not to place the identification label to highlight all your protected areas.

The unique Pylote technology is integrated in the mass, allowing the active ingredient not to be consumed. The effectiveness of FOREVER SAFE is thus guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.

Eliminates microorganisms, including human coronavirus. It is proven to be effective against a wide range of microbes that cause common diseases such as gastroenteritis, the flu, herpes, conjunctivitis and many others. All tests were carried out in accordance with the JIS Z 2801standards in independent and accredited laboratories.

Effectiveness in the fight against microbes

FOREVER SAFE kills microorganisms, including the human coronavirus. It  effective against a wide range of microbes that cause common diseases such as gastroenteritis, flu, herpes, conjunctivitis, and many others. All tests were performed according to JIS Z 2801 standards in independent and accredited laboratories.

Features of FOREVER SAFE

  • The unique technology is integrated into the mass, allowing the active ingredient not to be consumed. The effectiveness of FOREVER SAFE is thus guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.
  • FOREVER SAFE is capable of inhibiting a wide range of microorganisms including germs ,bacteria, viruses including Coronavirus, and mould. Therefore, it helps in preventing many diseases like gastroenteritis, flu, COVID-19, herpes, and conjunctivitis.
  • The application is very quick and easy, you just need to peel it from the back and stick it on the desired surface
  • No safety concerns are there, it is safe for human beings, animals and the environment.
  • It is transparent, therefore keeps the surfaces as appealing as they are.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • You do not need special manpower to spray the disinfectants daily.
  • FOREVER SAFE is in compliant with International regulatory authorities. It has been clinically tested in accordance with the JIS Z 2801standards in independent and accredited laboratories
  • It can be used for all types of surfaces for indoor as well as outdoor application
  • Available in various sizes and shapes.
  • You can clean the surfaces protected with FOREVER SAFE per your daily routine like you clean non-protected areas.


Antimicrobial Polymer-Mineral coated Film is a film that protects from the growth of microbial organisms, other term is microorganisms. Examples of microbial organisms are germs, virus, bacteria and moulds. We cannot see the microorganisms with naked eyes; therefore, a visibly clean surface does not mean a contamination-free surface. Application of forever safe antimicrobial polymer-mineral coated film ensures you that the surfaces surrounding you are safer for you.
The working technology of FOREVER SAFE is completely safe for humans. The ZnO microspheres used in the product have a crystal structure that catalyses the cluster of free reactive oxygen species that kills the microorganism.
Almost on every surface, you can use FOREVER SAFE including railings, elevator buttons, bathroom entrances and fixtures, door handles, desks and tables, crash bars, push and pull bars, handicap access buttons, D-pull door handles, escalators, small handles and latches, swinging doors, light switches, lever handles, and more in the following sectors but not limited to:
  • Atms/Banks
  • Schools and other institutions
  • Restaurants, hotels, and cafes
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Offices
  • Transportation
  • Railway stations and airports
  • Bars / Pubs /Clubs
  • Residents
  • Other industries
It is as simple to use as you laminate your smartphones. Clean the surface where you have to use FOREVER SAFE, peel the backing off, and then stick the film on the surface. Now, you have the safe surroundings and are free from the fear of getting contamination. Simple ! FOREVER SAFE is for any type of surface, big or small, flat or round.
Yes, you can clean the protected surfaces as per your daily routine like the way you clean the non-protected surfaces.
No, it is completely safe to touch the surface protected with FOREVER SAFE. In addition, FOREVER SAFE is environment friendly.